Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 25 Still going!

Central Park on Saturday

I heard something today that I never heard before.

"I hate to start a day when I have even the slightest amount of stress, anxiety, fear or worry. All of these, for me, are rubbish emotions which we have been trained to accept as normal, but they are not normal; and they actually hold you back from moving towards your goal." I always thought those emotions were normal. Many times in our society we hear things like, it's normal to feel that way, or everyone feels that way. Hearing this statement, of how negative emotions are not normal, is a challenge for me because of what I have heard the opposite my whole life.

On Saturday, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of art and they had this special exhibit called Ink Art. One of the pieces there had a powerful affect on me. It was called Family Tree.

Here is the explanation:

What is written on his face is an ancient manuscript for predicting someone's future based on their facial features. As he wrote more and more of the manuscript onto his face, he is completely lost under the ink. You no longer recognized the artist because of all the layers of writing that is on his face. I believe the same thing has happened to us. We have lost our identity, or it is difficult to discover who we are, because of the different levels of societal expectations that are placed on us. We believe the many things people have said about us. We take their words, write them on our soul and can never let go of them, especially the horrible and false comments made about us. Very few people have actually realized that they can erase the writing and chose to write something. We can write, " I am beautiful." or "I have value." or "I am a life-giving person."  If our soul is infinite then we have an infinite canvas to write anything we want to become or in which direction that we want to grow. We can always change for the better and it can start by washing our souls clean of the garbage people have said about us or what we tell ourselves.

If you could make that change today, what would you want to write about yourself?

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