Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 20 Eat that Frog Baby!

I had to spend my afternoon filing some paperwork at my job. I wanted to spend the time the best way I could and took a pen, paper, phone, headphones and went to YouTube to find an audio book. I have heard of Brian Tracy before from many different authors. They reference him as a great resource for time management. I have heard of this book from the Miracle Morning and I wanted to read this book. I spent over an hour and a half filing paperwork today and the whole time I was listening to a book on what is the best way to spend your time. The one tidbit I would like to share is what I believe is the main premise of his book.  He believes that the two greatest advantages that successful people have over others is this: they think in long term and they know how to prioritize. He says that developing the ability to look at a task and see which will produce the greatest pay off in the long term is essential to being successful. This can only happen when a person has goals already established and makes a list of all their tasks to accomplish those goals. A person who can do this has a huge advantage over other people especially when they learn to focus on tasks that have a large pay off as well as accomplishing those tasks quickly and well. 

He then goes on to say that another great skill to have is knowing how to prioritize. He says that many people who choose to be successful make that a goal that they physically write down and define what that successful goal looks like or what actions are need to complete that goal. For example if you want to be at a certain weight then write that goal down, think of all the steps needed to accomplish that goal, make a plan of action and give it a deadline. The one thing I would say different from this author's method would be that if you want to introduce a big change in your life a small step WOULD be the priority. A small step is not unimportant; it is just not as overwhelming as a huge implementation that you have not prepared yourself for yet. If one does not become open to the idea and does not have the discipline to enact a large plan then pursuing smaller steps would be better way to make yourself open to a new habit. You cannot walk up a staircase if the steps are too big. Smaller steps are much more manageable and can ensure a better chance for positive change then a massive change in one's life without proper support.

I really recommend listening to this book in your free time. It is very helpful and practical.

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