Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 9 Weekend Extended Miracle Morning

Today I Extended my Miracle Morning and it was wonderful. I spent more time exercising as well as reading. Since it was nice out I was able to go out and sit on the porch. It was so nice to be able to read without the feeling of having to run around. I had given myself plenty of time for my growth and it was really an excellent feeling. I set out goals for yesterday on how I wanted to spend my day and I met them. My big goal was that I want to deepen my relationship with my family. I went out to visit my cousins and spent a really awesome day with them. An unexpected joy that came my way was that I took my younger cousin bowling. It was great to spend time with him and to be able to see him growing up. I thought about when he was younger and now how he is as a teenager. I see the good natured person that he is and I am really lucky to be related to him. We laughed so much together. I really like laughing. I know that might sound like an unnecessary statement but I feel the need to say it regardless. I am so grateful to God for giving me such a beautiful family full of loving people!

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