Monday, September 9, 2013

Someone Who is Worth it

Date: Saturday, September 7th, 2013, Day 5

Today's Affirmation: "I am a very lucky person."

Area to improve: Relationships

Specific Change: Turn off my cell phone to focus on the person in front of me

I cannot remember the last time I spoke to someone without, at one point, looking at my cell phone. With a Herculean dedication I constantly refresh my inbox folder awaiting my latest email from Apple or Best Buy. I think when smart phones first came out I remembered being offended when someone I was talking to would not pay attention to me and the very important things I was saying (as if everything I say is important). Now it is so natural that I don’t think I notice it anymore. If anything it is a reminder for me to check my phone and then show the other person what I am looking at on my phone. And then we laugh. And talk again and then check our phones. Many times we just have our phones out on the table.

How did this happen so quickly?

Why do I think that the phone in my pocket is more interesting or beautiful than the eyes of the person I am talking with?

Every eye is unique and every eye is beautiful and deep. And I wanted to remember that. Sadly, I forgot what it was like to give someone all of my attention. I forget that the other person in front of me has an infinite depth to them. I forget everyday that everyone around is made in the image of the Divine and is therefore a glimpse into infinity. My mom, a glimpse into infinity, my co-worker, a glimpse into infinity, the baby sleeping in their mother’s arms next to me on the train, a glimpse into infinity. I can learn so much from the person next to me than I can from the little box in my pocket.

For example my girlfriend is always teaching me. She shows me constantly that, how as a male, I am always wrong! What a blessing to have someone who loves me so much (Seriously though)!

So today I spent the day focusing on the wonderful person in my life; the beautiful, loving, intelligent and infinitely deep person that she is.

With the affirmation I used today I probably should have gone to Vegas, but instead I went a wedding instead I found out how lucky I already am.

Papa needs a new pair shoes!!!

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