Friday, February 14, 2014

How Do You See This?

Day 17 of no games is complete. I have been using my time very well and I am excited about that.
And then this happened:

This came out yesterday. What an excellent show. Now I need to see if I can watch this without binge watching this show like I normally do.  I mention this because I want to be honest about any goals I set up. I do not want to develop the mentality that I have worked so hard that I can take a break. Jim Rohn talks about only resting when it is necessary, rest is not a goal. What an interesting thought, to rest when necessary. That is a whole perspective change. I used to just rest whenever I could. It was probably more out of boredom than anything else. But I think I will watch this show and really enjoy it. I want to see plot devices, character development, beautiful cinematography, and some of the best actors giving their best performances. I can look at this as just something to waste time or I can look at this as  something to enjoy and learn from an incredible human achievement in story telling.  Perspective really does change a lot!

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