Monday, February 10, 2014

It's Not the Circumstance, it's YOU! Let's Work on YOU!

My God, for years I believed the opposite. "Why do I have to change? I am fine! There is nothing wrong with me! If only things were different... If only I was appreciated more... If only I was loved... If only I was skinnier... If only I wasn't Scottish..." Whatever the excuse maybe, it is certainly an excuse. I do not want to live my life hoping things will get better. I want to live my life being a catalyst for a better change in myself and others. I have listened to this positive stuff before but this guy, Jim Rohn, is different. He is a realist. I do not remember too may other authors who would say that I am in this very situation because I messed up. I remember reading a lot of different advice that would always factor out accountability. I am seeing how important accountability is. Sometimes I need someone to tell me, "Louis, that was not smart what you did. You are much smarter than this." And I can say, "Yeah I messed up and please help me move forward." No shame involved. I truly believe mistakes are not sins. 

Open the door yourself.

In looking at personal development, growing on purpose and living on purpose, a whole new world appears here. A world where doors open up because you attempt to open them and not just wait for the doors to magically fly open. To sit and wait for help seems foolish. We do not have a flat tire with no cell phone service in the middle of no where. We can be like prisoners with our prison cell key in our hand waiting for someone else to open the door. The change inside must occur in order for the changes outside to occur. Open the door and live your life, no one will tell you what step to take. Accept it and move on! Don't waste another minute!

Day 13 of not playing video games is complete!

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