Saturday, February 1, 2014

Attitude Readjustment

Today I heard about the importance of attitude. Jim Rohn was talking about our attitude towards things. He asked what is our attitude towards our past, future, other, and ourselves. He said two things which really struck me. When I see someone who has accomplished something do I think, "oh I could never do that" or do I think "if he can do it then I could do it!" What an interesting concept. I don't think I think that way but I want to start thinking that way. The other statement that got me was, "Making money is easy." 

Making money is easy

I don't believe that statement but why don't I believe that? Is it because I work hard and do not get compensated well for what I am doing? Is it because I am used to seeing people struggle to make ends meet? Is it because I think I will be struggling for the rest of my life and not be happy? Is that what I expect my future to be? A life where I will be working hard at a job doing something I don't enjoy and zoning out until moments of passion overcome me? I think I secretly do believe this.

I want to change this. I want to be happy. I want to be a strong, supportive, compassionate, successful person who can help others achieve their potential and break the cycle of despair. He ended his talk by saying, "What is one little thing that you are not doing that could be fixed easily?" Write some more.

Day 4 of no video games has been completed!

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