Friday, February 7, 2014

Develop the Habit

"The only thing that matters is to develop the journal habit."
-Jim Rohn

I just want to write today. I want to tell you about a cool moment. I am not sure why but I recently started watching American Idol. I never used to watch it before but maybe it is the dynamic of the new judges or the amazing talent that I have been seeing on commercials. Since my dad spends almost all of his time home he watched a lot of TV. So me spending time with my dad usually comes down to us watching TV together. He is the kind of guy who will talk back to the TV and and make really funny comments. It is kind of like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 but with an Older, Cuban man who curses like a sailor. It is pretty awesome. There is something about watching a show where many different people share their hopes and dreams. It is very inspiring to see so many beautiful and talented. I just wanted to share that one of them responded back to a Facebook message. It was a cool moment and it is something I want to tell my dad because it is away we connect. 

So today all I want to say is spend time with someone you love! I did that today with my dad and my fiancee. Days like this are never wasted I just wished they lasted longer.

Good Night y'all
Day 10 complete

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