Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Miracle Morning!

Very Excited!!!
This book just came in the mail! 

Ever since I heard Hal's story I wanted to read this book. Here is one powerful sentence from his book:

And, as a result of choosing to be genuinely grateful for all that I had, unconditionally accepting of all that I didn't, and accepting total responsibility for creating all that I wanted, this potentially devastating car accident ultimately became one of the best things that ever happened to me. 
-Excerpt from The Morning Miracle

Here is a bio for Hal Elrod:

At age 20, Hal Elrod was hit head on by a drunk driver at 70 mph, broke 11 bones, was dead for 6 minutes, and his parents were told by doctors that if Hal ever came out of his coma, he had permanent brain damage and may never walk again. After 6 days in a coma, not only did he walk, he became an “Ultra” Marathon runner, hall of fame business achiever, international Keynote Speaker, Success Coach, hip-hop recording artist, and multiple time #1 bestselling author of “The Miracle Morning” and “Taking Life Head On” — two of the highest rated and most acclaimed books on

Take some time today to get inspired and listen to his story: 

I listen to him and I want to do something which I do not do to often and that is list what

1) A loving and supporting fiancee
2) A loving and supportive family
3) A heart that desires to know God
4) A mind that desires to as much as it can
5) Friends who keep me on track!

Be Grateful and open your heart to a better life!

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