Monday, February 17, 2014

So Much to Learn

Today I was given a very special reminder. It was something that I needed to be reminded of every once and a while. I was reminded that there is so much in life that I do not know about. I love to meet people who know more than me and are willing to share some information. It helps to remind me to become better and admit that I need to learn to more. 

On a side note, my bedtime intentions were very helpful yesterday and I am looking forward to keeping these intentions in the front of my mind tonight again. I want to share with everyone a helpful resource in making a change in your life: Inspiration.

This is Hal Elrod. He starts off by saying we should give up the need for being perfect for the opportunity to be authentic. It is a powerful message and I hope you find his talk helpful. Day 20 of no games has ended!

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