Sunday, February 2, 2014

Take Action on Neglect

I would say, if I was honest enough, that I have some areas that I have neglected in my life. I think what may have caused my lapse in writing was one thing: Not reflecting. I can give you an example. On September 28, 2013 I learned an important lesson while rock climbing.

That's me!

I climbed the orange path, #16.

I found myself trying to climb the path as quickly as possible. At certain points I would get stuck because I did not know where to go next. And then it hit me, there is no race... Why was I trying to climb so quickly? Why did I believe that that there was a time limit? It was a Kōan (公案), zen-like experience, similar to when Neo realized that the Matrix is not real, he then realized he was limitless.

There is no race.

The other important lesson I learned is to think about the path before you take it. I like to work backwards. I see a goal and think, okay what are the necessary steps in order to achieve this. I was like that as a kid. When I would do mazes I would always work from the middle or the goal and then go to the start. It made that puzzle much easier. So I realized that when I do not sit and reflect I do not make the best choices. Then things can pile up and getting back on the horse can be intimidating. Sometimes the task could seem impossible and as my piano teacher would say, "This piece of music is impossible for you right now but how will you approach it anyway? From the beginning."  And as Jim Rohn taught me today, you begin by taking action on what you are neglecting first.

You begin by taking action on what you are neglecting first.

Day 5 and still no video games.

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