Sunday, February 9, 2014

Your Turn! Do It!

The only thing standing between 
your intent and your accomplishment 
will be your ability to 
discipline yourself 
to get started. 
-Jim Rohn

As I wrap up Day 12 I want to encourage you to start something new today. Recently I started journaling on top of writing my two blogs and it is because I forgot how much I love to write. A lot of people have provided such great feedback and this is a passion for me. I am almost upon the halfway point of my challenge and I have learned a lot about my self and different things. I want to ask whoever is reading this to think of something you always wanted to try and do it.

If you need some inspiration try this link: 100 30-day Challenges

Here is a cool one: Take a picture on your way to work every morning for 30 days and if you want post it on Facebook or send it to me!  Just take out your phone and snap a pic! Look at life differently for 30 days and see if there is a change in you! The 30 days will pass by anyway so why not do something with it! Here is a 3 min video talking about the challenge that might help to inspire you:

He starts off by saying: A few years ago, I felt like I was stuck in a rut...

I am there and I am getting out of that rut! Come on DO IT!

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