Friday, October 4, 2013

Life's Better on Purpose Schedule Week 5

Life's Better on Purpose Schedule Week 5

I am in awe of how different my life has become in the last month. I have learned so much about myself, gained knowledge in ares that I never thought was possible, I have grown and repaired friendships that have been wounded for years, have a larger and deeper sense of beauty and have grown closer to God.

I think I am on to something here.

"By their fruits you will know them..." and so far the fruit has been so much better than I expected. My life makes sense and I am no longer asking "what to I want in life?" but now I am asking, "how can I get what I want in life?" AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ASKING THAT QUESTION!

I always felt, deep down, I couldn't be honest with what I want out of life or that what I want was evil or "not from God." I was thinking as if we do not play an active role in Divine Providence. Phooey! I didn't realize how small my God was.

So change is really happening and I no longer feel restless and I no longer feel that I am wandering around aimlessly like a zombie.

Captain America Zombie, scary yet patriotic.

Imagine what you could do if you just thought differently...

So I know this week is late but here is my week outlook:

Same category but I am going to switch the order around because I find some days are working better for certain categories.





Financial / Business

Enjoy Something Beautiful

Relax day

Day 30 - Work on a presentation to give to my company about improving how we do business overall.

I am have a lot to offer.

Day 31 - Give more to my community by being active in the Knights of Columbus.

I want to give of myself to others.

Day 32 - Go for a long walk with my girlfriend.

I am getting more physically fit everyday..

Day 33 - Enjoy something beautiful.

Listening to Audra McDonald! Oh yeah got tickets to her concert!

I am surrounded by beauty!

Day 34- Participate in Our Lady of Pompeii Procession.  

I am growing more and more in my relationship with God.

Day 35 - Open and individual Brokerage account.

I am very good at finance. 

Day 36 - Dream of a Better Life.

My life is getting better everyday.

Try something New├▒ez:

Look into a Krav Maga Class.


At two friends.