Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 30 Complete!

I have completed my 30 day challenge and My Miracle Morning is now a habit where I enjoy waking up at 5:30. This is a big deal for me and a significant life changing event has occurred. I have set a goal, I have completed and it feels really good. Just like life, some days went extremely well and other days could have been much better but it is completed. I have done a lot of reading and reflecting and one book has really challenged me.

I have been listening to an audiobook called, “The 48 Laws of Power,” by Robert Greene. It has revealed some things to me that I have had some difficultly in processing. It is a very good book and it is filled with great stories from history. I recommend the book with one caveat, if you start it then finish it. This book has helped me with realizing how things I have said and done may have affected others in my life.

The insights in this book have really made me rethink past experiences and current relationships in a very good way. In applying these insights to my life, I think about how I can improve my relationships and how I can replace my bad habits with new much better ones.

So now I have to figure out my next 30 day challenge. I have an idea and today is a good day to do some prep work. I am thinking that I will spend the next 30 days writing the first draft of a book that I have always wanted to write. I found that I waste my free time on youtube and facebook. Therefore, to have more time to write, I will be cutting out youtube and facebook from my life. I will continue to write any posts as updates and post them but I will not go on needless net surfing.

Thank you to everyone for your support! 

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