Monday, February 3, 2014

How much are you worth?

Since I studied philosophy and theology I know that I have a different view than some economist or business leaders. But I don't really know how different my view is sometimes. I learned something today that I never hear before. Maybe it is because I never had an economics class but this is what I heard. Jim Rohn was speaking about getting paid for work. He said that we are paid according to how much value we bring to the marketplace not for how much time we put in. If we got paid for our time then we could sit at home and they would just send us a check. But we get paid for the value we bring.  I think of people who do a horrible job at a company and get upset when they do not get a raise.  It also follows that if a person works hard and helps to improve everything he comes in contact with then that person should be compensated for bringing more value. So if I want to make more money then I have to make myself more valuable.

Make yourself more valuable.

I think why this is so new to me is because this is a different meaning of value than what we have in the eyes of God. So when someone tells me I how much value do I have, I automatically  think in theological terms. My value is at its maximum because I am made in the image and likeness of God and I am loved infinitely, completely and perfectly. But not everyone thinks/believes this way and apparently the market does not. So that give me two choices I can sit and complain about how the market should be or I can work with it and challenge myself to grow. So that leads me to another question: How do I become more valuable?

Increase your value?  Two words: Personal Development

Jim has some really great quotes. They are so simple and profound. One I heard recently was, work hard at your job but not as hard as you work on yourself. He talks about improving your skills, abilities and learning new things. Taking a classes online, getting certifications, reading great books, meeting people who can help you grow. He says, Change yourself first and then everything else will change as well... wow! Groupon has some really great classes on line as well as these two resources:

His stuff is really simple and I want to put it into practice even if it is just a couple of things he has said. I am realizing I cannot change the circumstances but I can change myself. 

Day 6 of no video games is complete! Almost gave in but then I decided to read a book instead. 

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