Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Add Value

Really referring to bad habits not so much people lol

One of the areas I want to work on in my life is professional development. I am currently taking a Project Management course online and it has been excellent. I have learned a lot so far about people, team dynamics and I still have tons more to go!

I heard a great line in one of the class that said "If it does not add value, don't do it!"

I thought my God... How profound is that! How often do I perform actions in my life that are not beneficial to me? How often would I rather do nothing than learn something. It is painful to admit but many times I choose nothing rather than something.

I used to work with the homeless and one of the most difficult challenges I had to face was dealing with their addiction. I found most people were aware that the addiction was destroying their life. They would make resolutions and would stick with them for a while. Then the boredom would get to them. They would spend most of their time thinking about drugs and trying to get drugs and what they could sell to get drugs and cause me to write run on sentences. They would get rid of a bad habit and not replace it with anything good. They would create a void in their life and they would not be able to stick to their resolve because they were not able to fill the void. So the void fills itself. 

Replacing my time spent on video games with taking a class or listening to audio books has been a very beneficial way for me to spend my time. I encourage you that if you would like to make a change in your life then create a new discipline to fill your time. That way you ensure you move forward and not backwards. 

Day 14 complete! Week two is now over!

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