Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 28 Tai Chi? Yeah I'll Try Something New

Yesterday I tried something I always wanted to before. I took a Tai Chi class and it was really awesome. It was a very powerful experience and I learned that I need more control over my body. In listing many of my goals over next couple of months health is one of them. It helps tremendously to when you have a goal in mind. As my boy Jim Rohn says:

"If the vision is clear and powerful, people will pay any price."

This is very true and I think this connects to the power of visualization. I wonder if dreaming is considered the same thing. I mean dreams of what you want to become or where do you want to go in your life. Visualizing can be very powerful but if it is not combined with disciple nothing will happen. What helps me in challenging myself is sitting down and actually writing out how I what to grow in a certain area. Making the right steps to achieve something you have clearly defined is a much better formula for growth than just hoping it will happen. 

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