Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 17

I have been sticking to my schedule and I have been thinking about failing; about being able to move on specifically. It is such an important skill to learn how to move on. I do not know how the thought became implanted in my mind. The thought explicitly is that if I fail at something then I should quit. I wonder if it was something I learned as a child. As when someone says just give it up already. Maybe I decided to listen to them and think that there must not be anything here for me. That kind of thinking is applicable in a very few situations but not in all. So how come I apply to many others? Take exercise for example, choosing to exercise is a lifestyle change. It is not something I do to get to an ideal body weight goal and then stop. There is a goal and it does not finish after the goal. It is a concept I never thought of before. It is not a massive question that I have to answer but more like a thought to remember. Am I choosing to make my life better or  am I looking to fix a problem over and over again?

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