Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 12 The Meaning of Life

Today I was able to enjoy some time with good friends and laugh a lot. I was thinking about heaven one day and I remember thinking that heaven must be a giant dinner with friends where everyone is eating great food, laughing til we cried and drinking really good wine and/or beer. That sounds awesome, like really awesome. I look at this cartoon and I think that the meaning of life is to enjoy the life you have been given while making the lives of others better. Maybe that is my own meaning, but it just seems right. The way I show God I love Him for the life He gave me is by sharing it with others. That is what it means to be a life giving person. I believe when a person engages in personal development they come to a point where they want to share much of what they learned so that other people can improve their life as well.

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