Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 3 Silence

I learned about the importance of silence in the monastery, and I am just beginning to start putting that into practice. One of the things that Hal Elrod suggests to start your morning of right is silence. Whether it is meditation, or prayer, or a breathing exercise, just begin to sit in silence. He says to start with 5 minutes, but I am starting with 10. I enjoy the 10. I have been reading about meditation for long enough, and it is starting to click. Maybe it is an entry level form I have, but whatever it is, it is working. There is a clarity to my thoughts now. It is as if I have filtered something out and I can now begin to see more clearly in my mind.  I also feel calmer and more at peace, especially when I am not rushing out my house. 

Day 3 is down and I am going so can wake up tomorrow better than I did today!

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