Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 8 Reading more

I have been reading much more since I have stopped playing video games. It has been a wonderful experience being able to read again. I used to enjoy reading but never really for entertainment though. I would read more for learning and understanding. It has become a wonderful way to use my time. The books I have been reading are fantastic.

My most recent reading list has been from Jim Rohn. He made a suggestion of what books a person should read. He recommended the Richest Man in Babylon, and this book called How to Read a Book. They have been very good so far, and now I know why he has recommended them. He has also mentioned the 7 Lessons of History. I plan to read that one very soon.

I am looking forward to completing his top 5 recommendations.
Here is my next 5 Reading List:
1) How to Read a Book by: Mortimer J Adler
2) How to Speak/ How to Listen by :Mortimer J Adler
3)The 7 Lessons of History by: Will Durant
4) The Jetstream of Success by: Julian Pencilliah
5)The Complete 101 by: John C Maxwell

I hope to encourage anyone out there to read excellent books!

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