Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 4 Still Not Enough Time!

So I find that even though I wake up earlier I still wish I had more time. Maybe if I had more hands I could get more done! Now I know how important it is to schedule your time and to stick to it. If you want to take advantage of every minute so you can make the most of it then you need that schedule. 

Today I spent my morning meditating, exercising and reading. It has been extremely helpful. It is a great challenge to make the most of something so I can become better in the future. In my search to become better my reading list has been expanding. One of the books that I have been devouring is this one:

This is a great book about basic financial principles that are in short story form. Excellent! Great for teens and for people who were never taught about money. I am finding the format to be a great way to share his lessons. I am going to bed y'all! Keep on striving for being better!

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