Friday, January 31, 2014


"Failure is a few errors in judgement repeated everyday 
Success is a few simple disciplines practiced everyday."

I heard this on a talk by John Rohn that I am listening to it little by little.

What a Powerful thought... I am committing a few errors everyday day which is leading to an unhappy life . Being very lazy, I was wondering if there is some kind of way to find out what my errors of thinking are without actually thinking about it. Makes sense? But inner work is just that, work. So I begun to do some inner work outs. I found some errors and some assumptions that I am making that I would like to amend.

Find the errors in your judgement.

So I want to list three errors in my judgement and then three errors in my assumptions.

Errors in my judgment:
1) I believe that being late has no consequence. 
2) I believe I do not have to work at things I am already good at.
3) I believe I will eventually just get into better shape without working at it.  

Errors in my assumption:
1) People know my intent and actions
2) Actions that I take are not important if people do not notice them, good or bad.
3) People can handle my intensity. 

Now looking at change seems much more manageable if I look at it as "few" errors as opposed to a massive lifestyle that has to happen. Some people can do that and so far I am not one of those people. I can deal with fixing few errors. That I can do. 

Start to change by amending your errors.

So where do I begin? Well since I made a list I will start at number one. I think many of my errors could be corrected by waking up earlier. It is a discipline I could practice that would start my day by not rushing out of my house and get rid of feeling bad for not showing up on time as well as dealing with that shame which usually turns to anger. One error to one amendment. That is very manageable. 

Day 3- without playing video games has been a success!

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