Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Life's Better on Purpose Schedule Week 2

So this week I want to work on something and pair it off with an affirmation. I have been waking up every morning and thinking of a new affirmation for that day. This is not allowing the full potential to take effect.

So here are the areas:

Enjoy Something Beautiful
Relax day

And here is my week layout:

Day 9 - Work on my résumé

Affirmation: I have a lot to offer to other people.

Day 10 - Restart 100push up challenge

Affirmation: If I really wanted to I could very physically fit

Day 11 - Focus on my Scripture classes

Affirmation: I am a good teacher and I learn much in teaching others

Day 12 - Spend the day with my dad

Affirmation: My father and I grow closer everyday

Day 13 - Look into opening a Money Market Account and research in investing in a stock

Affirmation: I am very good at finance

Day 14 - Enjoy Something Beautiful

Affirmation: I am surrounded by beauty

Day 15 - Veg out

Affirmation: I am full of very good ideas

Once again I will blog periodically about this and hopefully you may be inspired to try one yourself!

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