Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Laying Down One's Life

Date: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013, Day 1

Today's Affirmation: "I will have a great day."

Area to improve: Relationship with friends

Specific Change: To celebrate another's accomplishment.

Its been about a year now since I left the monastery and I began working at a company doing stock transfers. And today, the first friend I made at my job was getting sworn into the Yonkers Fire Department.

So today I want to celebrate my friend. I want to let go of jealousy and I want to learn how to rejoice for someone else. I arrived early at the Yonkers Public Library at 2:45PM and my train left me right near the Hudson.

Amazing view

So I sat down and Enjoyed Something Beautiful. Then I walked around and found a great cafe called Casa de Cafe. Great service, great atmosphere, very welcoming, chill spot, great music, free wifi and obviously great coffee.

After that I went to the library for the swearing in ceremony. As I watched these 45 men, all different ages, sizes, shapes and colors, all I could think was these men want to give their life for everyone. There is a desire in their heart to protect and serve those in great need.

The Buddha compared most people in the world to people in a burning building and acting as if everything was normal. So I always wondered is the Enlightened person the one who runs out of the building or one who runs back in to save others...

The chaplain ended the ceremony by saying, "As you have taught us, Lord, no greater love than this, to lay down one's life for another." So today I want to celebrate my friend and his classmates who know and live out the highest form of love. Thank you for your sacrifice and inspiring me to become a better person.

I didn't give him those flowers.

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  1. Louis,

    Great post! I finally got around to reading it! Safe to say it inspired my Monday morning and I think we can all say that such a task is worth of applause haha. Please continue with such posts! I trust they will continue to inspire.